10 Beauty Tricks Every Gorgeous Supermodel Knows About

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We already have one post on IMBB on the beauty secrets of supermodels here.  You know Rati looks like a gorgeous supermodel and I want to know all her secrets  Rati shares her beauty tips and tricks on IMBB and we should all lap it up  Likewise, supermodels have many tips and tricks up their sleeves.  Their hectic schedules and long hours of partying does not come in the way of them looking radiant on and off ramp. How do they manage to look presentable at all times? Apparently, their makeup artists and hairstylists pass on tips and these supermodels have aced them over the years.  I have dug out some beauty tricks for you so that you too can look like a supermodel

1. If you have thin lips, use a concealer and foundation combination to blur out the lip lines. With a dark shade of lip pencil (burgundy, red, or any other), draw the lines beyond your original lip lines and fill them in with the same lip pencil. This way, you can get the desired lip shape. makeup,makeup,makeup

2. Instead of using chemical-laden makeup removers, use coconut oil to take off the makeup at night. Coconut oil not only dissolves even the stubbornest of makeup, it has the added benefit of nourishing up your skin.

3. If you did not get good amount of sleep at night and woke up with lifeless eyes, then concentrate on doing pretty eye makeup – like mascara for opening up the eyes, under eye concealer to hide under eye circles, n*de or white eye pencil on waterline to brighten up your eyes, and also apply your eyeshadows wet so that they pop out and look vibrant. Apply golden eyeshadow on your eyelids and crease to add life to your eyes.

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