10 Caves And Mountains Connected To UFO And Alien Activity (Most of them are in U.S.)

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UFO sightings can happen anywhere. Over land, over water, at night or day, in the open countryside where the populations are sparse, or over cities with buildings that reach ever more upward to the cosmic heavens—any of these places can become the stage for an encounter with the unexplained.

However, and perhaps for good reason if you subscribe to the theories of alien bases hiding within them, many mountains and their cave systems seem to be magnets for such activity. Here are ten examples of mountains and caves from around the world that have long histories of UFO and extraterrestrial activity .

10.The ‘Hidden People’ Of Snaefellsjokull


Photo credit: Anjali Kiggal

The Huldufolk, or the Hidden People, have been present in Icelandic folklore for centuries, certainly long before the UFO craze of the last 70-plus years.[1] Many UFO researchers have put forth the notion that these legends may have been based on ancient alien sightings in the distant past. Furthermore, Iceland, and in particular the Snaefellsjokull Glacier, are considered important UFO hot spots.

Descriptions of the Huldufolk state them to be humanoid but with an elf-like appearance to them. As you might expect, some UFO enthusiasts have attempted to assert that the Huldufolk are actually grey aliens, and the mountains they call home are actually some kind of alien base. Make of those claims what you will.

Regardless of their true identity, cosmic or otherwise, their presence is more than respected by Icelandic people, who often leave food and other gifts around the base of the mountains where legend states they inhabit. Some construction projects have even been altered so as to avoid encroaching on the Huldufolk’s land.

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