10 Caves And Mountains Connected To UFO And Alien Activity (Most of them are in U.S.)

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9. Glastenbury Mountain


Photo credit: Flickr/sectionhiker.com

The area around Glastenbury Mountain (part of the Bennington Triangle) has been subject to mysterious disappearances for centuries.[2] One spate of vanishings in particular occurred between 1945 and 1950, when six people on six separate occasions would disappear without trace.

Some UFO researchers who have spoken to locals believe the disappearances are likely alien abductions. They point to the amount of sightings of strange lights in the sky around the area as partial proof of their theories.

Interestingly, some Native American cultures indigenous to the area maintain that the land is cursed and speak of a stone that swallows anything that steps on it. Whether this is an interpretation of a craft—possibly dull, grey, and saucer-shaped, like a stone—abducting a person is up for debate.

The area is also rife with Bigfoot sightings, which persist even today. This is interesting to UFO researchers, as many UFO hot spots also prove to be hot spots for the legendary Bigfoot creature. Some UFO researchers have even suggested a direct connection between the two. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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