10 Caves And Mountains Connected To UFO And Alien Activity (Most of them are in U.S.)

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8. ‘Upside Down’ Mountain

Bugarach, France

Photo credit: ThierryS

A strange and mysterious mountain overlooks the small town of Bugarach in France.[3] Pic de Bugarach is known as the “Upside Down Mountain” due to the strange fact that the upper layers of the mountain are older (by millions of years) than the layers below them. Theories seem to suggest an explosion of some kind in the distant past essentially caused the mountain to “flip over,” exposing the oldest layers of the mountain.

Many UFO enthusiasts and ancient astronaut theorists agree with the explosion theory, but some contend it was an intentional rather than a natural occurrence and point to the flat top of the mountain as proof that it was once a landing site for ancient alien craft.

The mountain was also the focus of UFO researchers and doomsday types in the buildup to the December 21, 2012, when the end of the world was believed (by some) to be about to happen. Many such people even went as far as buying land and properties in the immediate vicinity around the mountain so as to guarantee their presence should anything occur. Of course, it didn’t, but the UFO sightings and strange lights still continue to be reported, and rumors of alien bases within the mountain’s cave systems continue.

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