10 Eerie Videos Of UFOs Captured On Live Television

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When UFOs are witnessed in the wilderness by a single person, they’re largely dismissed without a second thought. When multiple eyewitnesses see something strange, there is a little more interest, but it’s largely reserved at best. When something strange is seen by thousands or even millions of people on live television, however, it’s another matter.

Even though explanations might be found for some of these live sightings, at the time they were seen and broadcast on television, they served to create immense interest, if only for a short period. Here are ten instances where live television broadcast a little more than they originally bargained for . . .

10. Orb Spotted From The Roof Of The TVA Building

While reporting the weather for TVA News on top of the roof of the network’s building in Montreal, Canada, on the evening of October 2, 2014, Colette Provencher was perhaps the only person involved in the live broadcast who didn’t see the strange green orb making its way through the sky behind her.[1]

Many commentators, after the initial frenzy, claimed assuredly that it was merely a meteor or shooting star, including Sebastian Giguere, scientific and education coordinator for the Mont-Megantic Observatory AstroLab. Other Internet users, however, pointed out that the glowing orb appeared much too big for a meteor. Also, its movements were not entirely consistent with naturally occurring aerial phenomena.

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