10 Fascinating Early UFO Sightings

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here have been many unidentified flying objects sighted throughout history. This list details some of the earlier sightings that have been written down or passed on. Some are exciting, and some are just plain weird. Several surprisingly big names have reported UFOs throughout history.

10Edmond Halley

Photo credit: Richard Phillips

Astronomer Edmond Halley, who documented Halley’s Comet, has seen two unidentified craft in his career. The first was in March 1676. He described it as having a “vast body apparently bigger than the moon.”

By Halley’s estimations, the object was about 64 kilometers (40 mi) above him. He said it made a noise, “like the rattling of a great cart over stones.” After watching the distance it traveled in several minutes, he calculated that it was moving faster than 15,500 kilometers per hour (9,600 mph). paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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