10 Ghosts And Legends Of The Ohio River Valley

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The areas around the Ohio River, a tributary of the more famous Mississippi River, have been home to their share of spectacular legends. Once the gateway to the American West, the Ohio River Valley is better known today for economically vital cities like Pittsburgh and Louisville as well as pockets of rural and Rust Belt poverty. However, from graveyard ghouls to ancient prophecies, the towns and cities that dot the Ohio River Valley are awash in stories and campfire tales.

10Kentucky Lizard Man

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The tiny town of Stephensport, Kentucky, sits on the Ohio River facing the border with Indiana. You wouldn’t expect much excitement there, but something truly odd occurred in autumn 1966. At around 1:30 AM, a Stephensport resident was awakened suddenly by strange sounds outside his home.

As he looked outside through a window, the homeowner reportedly saw a 180-centimeter (6 ft) tall “lizard man” with brownish-green skin, webbed appendages, and a large ridge that ran from his forehead to the crown of his head, where it peaked like an arrowhead. Realizing that someone was staring at him, the creature retreated toward Sinking Creek, which connects to the Ohio River.

This was not the first sighting of a strange reptilian near the Ohio River, and it would not be the last. In 1878, a journalist for The Courier-Journal of Louisville filed a story about the “Wild Man of the Woods,” a 180-centimeter (6 ft) tall humanoid with scales that was captured and displayed in Louisville.

Before that, William Branham, a wild-eyed Kentucky preacher, claimed that the Garden of Eden had not been plagued by a serpent but by a lizard man who had been sent to Earth. Whether or not subsequent sightings of a 5-meter-long (15 ft) lizard man in Trimble County or the 1955 attack on Mrs. Darwin Johnson of Henderson are related to Branham’s creature is anyone’s guess.

Some people believe that the lizard men of the Ohio River are connected with similar creatures like the Loveland Frog of Ohio or the Scape Ore Swamp creature of South Carolina. Mary Burlington, a paranormal researcher active during the 1990s, even claimed that the lizard men of Kentucky are part of an ancient Egyptian lizard cult that existed in Kentucky during prehistory. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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