10 Global Versions Of The Lady In White Legend

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The Lady in White is a popular ghost tale relayed from generation to generation in many countries around the world. Of course, there is no solid evidence that any of these spooky stories have any substance in truth whatsoever, but this hasn’t stopped thousands of people retelling them over Halloween or around the campfire.

In most versions of the story, the lady comes to her end tragically and continues to search for peace in her spirit state. On this list are some of the most popular adaptations of this legendary tale.

10. USA

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Given the size of the North American continent, it is no wonder that many states in the US have a unique White Lady legend. One of the most infamous is the tragic story of the ghostly lady wandering through Durand-Eastman Park in Irondequoit.

It is said that before the park was established, the area was home to a woman and her teenage daughter who rarely left their house. The reason was that the daughter possessed extreme beauty and her mother became very protective of her, especially since the young woman was pursued by several young men. The teenager loved and respected her mother’s wishes but, as with any young girl that age, longed to have a relationship with someone special.

One night, the girl left her home to go for a walk. She never returned. Falling into grief and despair, her mother believed that her daughter had abandoned her to run off with a young man. Neighbors believed that the girl might have been murdered.

Wearing a flowing white dress, the mother started walking around outside at night, looking for her daughter. After many years, she died without ever knowing what had happened to the girl.[1]

Years later, visitors to the park began to report seeing a white figure floating toward them followed by two dogs. Others stated that they saw an apparition dressed in white flowing clothes rising from the lake in the park. Ghost hunters continue their stakeouts each year hoping to witness the grief-stricken ghost of the mother who lost her daughter all those years ago.

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