10 Global Versions Of The Lady In White Legend

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9. Portugal

A couple of years ago, a chain message with a video started making the rounds on Facebook. The video purported to show a young hitchhiker by the name of Teresa Fidalgo being picked up by a group of friends in a car.

The video went on to show Fidalgo pointing to a certain spot in the road where she had died years earlier, causing the people in the car to panic and crash. Just before the crash, the video revealed Teresa with blood on her face. The message attached to the video stated that if you didn’t forward the message to a certain number of people, something terrible would happen to you.

This chain message is linked to a car accident that allegedly took place in Portugal in 1983, causing the death of a young girl named Teresa Fidalgo. Naturally, there is very little evidence supporting this incident, but that hasn’t deterred people from reporting that they saw Fidalgo hitchhiking next to the road years after her death.[2]

Her story became Portugal’s Lady in White legend because the girl said to be Teresa Fidalgo wears a white dress in the video. This caused many terrified souls to delete their Facebook accounts after watching it.

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