10 Haunted School Stories That Made The News

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Going to school is something most children wish they could avoid. Add to this the terrible cafeteria food and compulsory sports activities, and you’re bound to have a bunch of miserable kids on your hands. Some pupils and teachers can count themselves lucky, though. At least when they go to the bathroom between classes, there’s nothing sinister awaiting them in the stalls. There are no cold spots or unexplained breezes as the spirits of past students pass them in the hallways.

Those attending or working at the schools on this list are not that fortunate. While dealing with difficult classes or pupils, homework, or horrid teachers who “just don’t get me at all,” they have to keep an eye out for the supernatural as well.

10Lee Williams High School

In 2013, the principal of Lee Williams High School in Kingman, Arizona, Steve Elwood, spoke to the Los Angeles Times about the multitude of ghost stories surrounding the school. Many of the people in town believe that the campus of the school is haunted and have reported seeing specters of women in prairie outfits and men kitted out in their best previous-century wear while attending graduation events.[1]

Along with the usual phenomena of flickering lights, phantom footsteps, and alarms that go off for no reason, there were also reports of a man dressed in a long coat and sporting a bowler hat who roamed the halls of the school as well as a tiny girl making herself heard at night about wanting to play outside. Lee Williams High School is situated partly on what used to be the old Pioneer Cemetery. In 2013, during construction of the new school building, eleven graves, seven coffins, and a multitude of artifacts were uncovered on the premises.

Skeptics attribute the ghostly reports to wild imaginations, but the janitor of the school insisted that the stories were true. He claimed to have heard footsteps entering the bathrooms at night when no one was there but himself as well as voices coming from some of the classrooms. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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