10 Intriguing Occultists From Across History

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Throughout the Middle Ages and during the periods of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, occultists persisted in their pursuits of the mystical and the metaphysical. Even today, individuals, including several who are famous, continue to engage in these customs. A few are well known for the contributions they’ve made to the strange practices they’ve adopted.

10Apsethus The Libyan

Photo credit: Tom MacKenzie

More than anything, Apsethus the Libyan wanted to be a god. To this end, he filled cages with captured parrots, teaching them to repeat only one sentence: “Apsethus is a god.” He released the parrots, and they advertised his divine status. Some, hearing the parrots’ cries, interpreted their declarations as the gods’ own proclamation, and they began to worship Apsethus, making sacrifices in his name, just as he’d always wanted.

However, a skeptical Greek discerned Apsethus’s trick and taught the parrots to proclaim, “Apsethus, having caged us, compelled us to say, Apsethus is a god.” The Libyans did not take kindly to being fooled, and they banded together, burning the man who would be a god. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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