10 Mind-Bending UFO Encounters From South Africa

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While South Africa undoubtedly has a long, rich, and intriguing history, it also has an equally rich collection of UFO and alien encounters that rival almost anywhere in the world. Furthermore, these sightings have seemingly been increasing steadily since the early 1970s.

While some are more credible than others, much like anywhere else in the world, all of them are intriguing. And many of them share details with other UFO sightings, separated not only by distance but, in some cases, by time. Here are ten of the most fascinating UFO accounts from the equally fascinating country of South Africa.

10The Mindalore Incident

Just before midnight on January 3, 1979, Meagan Quezet was about to make a cup of tea to help her 12-year-old son, Andre, to sleep.[1] As she made her way toward the kitchen, she heard the family dog, Cheeky, barking excitedly outside. As she opened the door to see what the matter was, she caught sight of Cheeky heading out of the garden and up the road toward a new and unlit link road. Asking Andre to come with her, they followed their dog, worried that his barks would annoy the neighbors.

As they arrived at the link road, each could see a glowing pink light, and as they went closer, could see that this light was “encasing” a gray metallic craft that was descending. As it settled on the ground, four “spider-like” legs stretched out and touched the ground, supporting the weight of the egg-shaped object.

Six humanoids emerged from the craft and inspected the surroundings. Two of them noticed Meagan and Andre, walked over, and greeted them in a language unknown to the pair. Although she initially felt no fear, Meagan suddenly had an uneasy feeling come over her. She began to back away when, in what seemed like less than a second, all of the crew were suddenly back inside the craft, and the door from which they had emerged was closing. A buzzing noise like a “hive of bees” sounded out before the craft shot into the air, becoming nothing more than a distant pink light in a matter of seconds. Meagan would report the incident the following day, and investigators found a corroborating account from an unnamed husband and wife who were driving along a nearby road at the same time when they saw an “oval-shaped” craft with legs.

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