10 People Who Claim To Have Been On Board An Alien Craft

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It’s one thing for someone to claim to have seen strange lights in the sky, or even a definite aerial craft up close, perhaps landing or taking off. It is, however, another thing entirely to claim to have been on board such a craft and to have intricate memories of the encounter. And then there are the recollections of the craft’s occupants.

A number of people have told of boarding UFOs, whether by invitation or against their will. Such claims are at the very least met with a certain amount of skepticism from some and are outright rejected and mocked by most. As with anything, some of these are more believable than others, but the following ten people claim to have been on board a vehicle not made on this planet.

10. Daniel Fry—An Extraterrestrial Relationship That Lasted Years

While the accounts of Daniel Fry are extremely detailed, even the most ardent UFO researchers struggle to take them seriously.[1] In fact, it is this extraordinary amount of detail that leads many to suspect an elaboration of events at best.

According to Fry, one evening in the summer of 1949, while serving in the US military and based at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, he would stumble upon a strange craft nearby. Furthermore, the craft, or the intelligence behind it, communicated with him and invited him aboard.

Once inside, the bottom of the craft became transparent, and Fry was able to see the ground below him. He was apparently flown to New York City and back so that he could see the “fascinating appearance” of the lights. The whole journey took only 30 minutes, meaning the ship was traveling approximately 13,000 kilometers per hour (8,000 mph). Further details revealed by Fry stated the craft used antigravity technology, which kept his body from imploding in on itself at such high speeds.

According to Fry, the communication would last for several years, and he would reveal the voice to be an alien being who was in the process of becoming accustomed to the atmosphere on Earth so that he could settle here and carry on his mission of “helping mankind.” The ship that Fry had traveled in was a scout vessel designed to take elements of the Earth’s atmosphere back to the mothership high above the planet.

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