10 People Who Claim To Have Been On Board An Alien Craft

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9. Alfred Burtoo—Not Fit Enough For Alien Abduction?

In contrast to Daniel Fry’s account, Alfred Burtoo’s claims are a little more believable, not least because of his wife seeming to quash rumors of a hoaxby going on record after her husband’s death. She stated that upon his return home on the evening of his alleged encounter, he had “the look of a man who had seen a miracle happen.” And her husband was not one for jokes.

The incident in question occurred shortly after midnight on August 12, 1983, during a planned night fishing trip on the banks of the Basingstoke Canal in Aldershot, England.[2] After setting up at his preferred spot, having a cigarette, and pouring some tea from his flask, he noticed a bright light several feet in front of him coming from the bushes. Shortly after, two strange beings, each around 1.2 meters (4 ft) in height, stepped out of the brightness and motioned for him to follow them.

Each was dressed in tight-fitting green overalls and a helmet with a jet-black visor. Not at all feeling any fear, Burtoo got to his feet and followed them. They would lead him to a shiny metal craft resting on a pair of “ski-type runners” in a clearing away from the canal. A set of steps extended and led inside. The beings again motioned for him to get on board, which he did.

As he did, he noticed an intense smell similar to rotting meat, and the temperature was a lot higher than the night air outside. The room had the look of “unfinished metal,” mainly black in color and seemingly made from one piece of material. As he looked around the intriguing vehicle, a voice sounded out all around him: “Come and stand under the amber light.” Again, he did as instructed.

The voice came again, this time asking Alfred his age. He informed the voice he was 77 years old. A silence continued for several seconds before the voice came again, this time stating, “You can go. You are too old and infirm for our purpose.”

After he’d left the craft and had taken several steps away from it, he turned just in time to see it rise and vanish into the sky. Had he had a lucky escape? Or might he have missed the chance to accompany whoever, or whatever, intelligence was on board? paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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