10 Scariest Paranormal Episodes of Unsolved Mysteries

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As if the episodes about mysterious deaths and serial killers on the run weren’t terrifying enough…

As if the episodes of Unsolved Mysteries about a serial killer on the run weren’t terrifying enough, there have to be the ones about GHOSTS. Ghosts can’t be brought to justice. Ghosts’ DNA profiles can’t be entered into the national database. Ghosts can’t receive a cease and desist letter from your lawyer. For your nostalgic viewing pleasure (or pain), here are the scariest paranormal Unsolved Mysteries episodes. And yes, of course, all of these horrifying interludes remain unsolved.

Black Hope Curse

Season 12, Episode 7

 Photo Credit: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki

Sam and Judith Haney were excited to start construction on a swimming pool in their backyard when a man knocked at the door warning them that if they dug up their backyard they would be digging up human remains. The land that made up their neighborhood had once been Black Hope Cemetery, a nineteenth century burial ground for African-Americans–many of whom were former slaves. The Haneys dug anyway, disturbing the resting place of at least two people, wedding rings still visible on their remains. Plants on the property died; there were unexplained pockets of freezing air, shadows, and flickering lights in their house. And then things got really, really bad. Six Haney relatives were diagnosed with cancer. The couple sued the developer but lost. Mounting court fees forced the Haneys to declare bankruptcy. Another neighbor, attempting to prove that they were living on a cemetery, continued to dig up remains. She died of a heart attack at only 31.paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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