10 Scientific Explanations For Everything From Demons To Ghosts

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Ghosts aren’t real, right?

That’s what most of us believe—that we live in a rational world, not one where specters of demons and the dead haunt the living. But if ghosts aren’t real, why are so many people so sure they’ve seen them?

It turns out that the answer has a lot to do with the human mind. There’s a scientific explanation for almost every weird thing anyone’s ever seen. But when it comes to the paranormal, scientific explanations are sometimes more mind-blowing than the myths.

10.The Ideomotor Effect

How A Ouija Board Works

When you and your friends put your fingers on a Ouija board and see that little plastic arrow move, it’s really happening. You don’t need some prankster to push it around. That little plastic arrow really moves, and the people touching it really believe they aren’t doing it.

They are, though. They just don’t realize it. It’s something called the “ideomotor effect,” and there’s an interesting experiment you can do at home to try it out for yourself.[1]

Put a weight on a string, dangle it, and try to hold your arm completely still. Then ask yourself questions and tell yourself that the weight will swing clockwise if the answer is “yes” and counterclockwise if it’s “no.” As if by magic, the weight should change direction to answer your questions—and you’ll really believe that you aren’t doing it.

It works because our bodies make tiny, subconscious movements. When you ask yourself a question, your subconscious mind answers it and subtly moves your muscles without your realizing it. Little muscles will move in your fingers to answer your questions, and it’ll seem to you like the weight is moving on its own.

The same thing happens when you use a Ouija board. Your subconscious subtly moves that little plastic arrow, and to you, it’ll seem like it’s moving on its own. PARANORMAL,PARANORMAL,PARANORMAL

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