10 Signs Aliens Could Have Influenced Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt is one of the most mysterious civilizations in human history. It has left behind obvious proof of infrastructure and technology that was extraordinary for the time (as far as we know). Nowadays, we’re still fascinated by what ancient Egypt managed to accomplish, and we still ask ourselves how they did such complicated things with their apparently modest technology. Modern science still cannot explain some of the Egyptians’ accomplishments, one of them being the building of a perfectly structured pyramid.

Their development is actually so unusual that some people believe it’s a possibility that ancient Egypt was a potential destination for extraterrestrial life. It would be a great explanation for every advanced methods that the Egyptians must have used to accomplish all they did. Granted, definitive physical proof that aliens indeed visited Egypt in the past might very well be covered up by world governments, but there are still signs that point to alien contribution to ancient Egypt, and these are ten of the most exciting:


Let’s start with the obvious. How on Earth did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids? Their spectacular design and structure required tremendous skill. Yet the Egyptians somehow found a way to build not one but several pyramids across Egypt. They were the burial places of dead pharaohs. The building of these pyramids required millions of blocks of stone, each weighing tons. According to specialist Richard Coslow, only one stone would require ten men to lift 400 kilograms (900 lb) each. That is practically impossible.

Even if the workers all had Superman’s powers, how does that explain the amazing precision of the pyramids? The blocks were cut so precisely that you would think computers and machines were used to do so. The ratio of the Great Pyramid’s circumference to its original height is equal to the value of pi.[1]

So how did they do it? Unless there was indeed a mutant breathing at the time like X-Men: Apocalypse indicates, there is no possible explanation of such accomplishment without the use of an extremely advanced technology that we are not aware of. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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