10 Strange Horror Stories Of Things Growing On People’s Bodies

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There’s nothing more horrifying than the thought of something growing on your body. But it’s something that happens a lot more often than we’d like to think.

Some cases, though, are exceptional. While warts, tumors, and worse will grow on millions of people’s bodies every year, a rare few have seen things that go way beyond your standard medical crisis. They’ve had growths take over their bodies—and sometimes even their brains.

10The Tumor That Turned A Teacher Into A Pedophile

The entire personality of an unidentified schoolteacher in Virginia changed when a tumor started growing in his brain.

It began as nothing more than a few headaches characterized by a recurring dull pain. But before long, the growth in his head turned him into a sexual predator.

Sex started contaminating his brain every second of the day. He built up a massive stash of pornographic magazines, and it only got worse from there. He soon started spending long nights looking at child porn on the Internet or openly describing fantasies about raping the women in his life.

The doctors didn’t find the tumor growing in his brain until he’d already hurt the people he loved. He had been arrested for sexually molesting his own stepdaughter.

When the doctors removed the tumor, they just thought they were treating him for brain cancer. Once it was out of his body, though, all his deviant behavior stopped. While he’d openly and uncontrollably sexually harassed every nurse he’d seen before the surgery, he went completely back to normal after the tumor was gone.[1]

A year later, the teacher found himself searching the Internet for child pornography once more. Sure enough, the tumor had started to grow back. When the doctors operated again, his urges went away.

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