10 UFO And Alien Encounters From America’s Early Years

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The history of the “New World” of North America, from the arrivalof the Pilgrims to the establishment of what would become the United States, is already one full of intrigue. It is also one that is awash with strange sightings of flying objects long before anything mechanical should have been in the skies. Even more bizarre, some of these early accounts seem to tell of “interventions” that ensured the success of the “experiment” that was the United States.

It would appear that UFOs, and the intelligence behind them, have had an interest in North America since European settlers first set foot on its shores. And if the accounts of the Native American tribes are to be believed, said interest existed a long time before that. Here are ten otherworldly accounts from the early years of the United States.

10. The Aurora Alien

Aurora, Texas, 1897

According to the April 19, 1897, edition of the Dallas Morning News, a strange metallic craft screamed out of the skies over Aurora, Texas, early one evening, eventually crashing into a windmill on the land of a local judge, J.S. Proctor. Furthermore, an alien body was recovered from the craft, reportedly the pilot. It goes on to say: “Papers found on his person—evidently the records of his travels—are written in some unknown hieroglyphics and can not be deciphered.” The article concluded with, “The pilot’s funeral will take place at noon tomorrow.”

The funeral apparently did take place, and the alien body was buried in the local cemetery.[1] The townsfolk would place an unmarked stone to mark the site, and the incident was largely forgotten. That was until the 1970s, when journalist Bill Case took an interest in the account.

Case would claim to have found the grave in the Aurora cemetery and even conducted basic tests which indicated a small coffin below. As he was in the process of applying for rights to exhume the grave, the stone marker mysteriously disappeared—as did the contents once hidden below it. Case believed this was the government removing the evidence of the alien body, an opinion he didn’t hold back on voicing.

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