11 Makeup Tips for Round Face and Small Eyes

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Hi IMBBians,

We all have different facial structures. Some of us have big eyes whereas some have smaller eyes. Of course, there is a specific dimension and all about the perfect face but then, makeup is all about playing with your existing facial features. Why don’t you bring out the best in your existing facial features? We all know oval face and big eyes are the perfect facial structure. But, how about playing with round face and small eyes. Below given are some of the best makeup tips for round face and small eyes.

1. Wing it

Winged eyeliner looks very pretty on small eyes. It looks cute and it is a sure shot way to lengthen your eyes. And, on round face it will add an element of drama to your face. Thus, girls with round face and small eyes wing it out.

2. Groom but don’t Over-Groom

Grooming your eyebrows is a must to frame your face. But, the problem is that, in case of rounded face, you cannot over-groom your eyelashes. It is because your eyebrows should be full. Only then, the chubbiness of your rounded face will look reduced.

3. Reduce the Puffiness

For small eyes, you should always take care to reduce the puffiness. Puffiness can occur in your eyes because of different lifestyle habits. Thus, make sure that with proper makeup, you can change it completely.

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