13 Best Ghost Stories for Your Next Sleepover

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Give your friends (and yourself) chills with these spooky stories!

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The Architect’s Key

There was once a man named Edward who was so ingeniously wealthy he designed and built his own perfect house. He lived in it for many years until he eventually passed away. A new family soon came to live in the house, but whenever they went into the basement—where Edward’s personal study had been—they would get the feeling that someone was watching them. One day, the father of the new family decided to fix up one of his old jackets, which every tailor in town had told him was beyond repair. So, he went down to the old study, lay his jacket on a chair, then tried to see if there was anything in the old desk that could help him mend it. But the drawers were all locked and he couldn’t find a key anywhere. The next morning, he came back down to find the key on the desk, all of the drawers open, and his jacket completely fixed.

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The Ghost in the Hall

Four young women moved into an old-fashioned apartment together (you know the type, with squeaky floorboards). A month after they moved in, one of the girls realized that her favourite stuffed teddy bear was missing. The others all said they hadn’t touched it or seen it. Weeks went by, and she almost forgot about her teddy when something strange happened. She opened the door to one of the closets they hardly ever used, and there on the top shelf sat her furry friend. All of her roommates swore they had no idea how it happened. Now whenever the teddy bear goes missing for a few days, she knows exactly where to find it. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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