13 Best Ghost Stories for Your Next Sleepover

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Science has an explanation for why you might be haunted by ghosts.

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The Lake Inside the House

A young bachelor at the beginning of his career became very successful very quickly. So, he bought himself his first house. One morning he awoke to the sound of running water. He rushed to the bathroom and saw that the bathtub faucet was running on full blast. He was perturbed by this, as he lived all alone. A week later it happened again, only this time it wasn’t just one faucet, but all of the faucets in the house. The young man called a repairman to fix the pipes and the water damage. But the pipes weren’t broken. The repairman—a local—had a scared look on his face. “What’s wrong?” the bachelor asked. “The woman who lived here before you,” said the repairman, “she drowned in that bathtub.”

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When the Candle Burns

Three little girls were having a sleepover one night when they decided to try to host a seance. One of the girls, Clara, recently lost her grandpa and wanted to see if she could reach out to and talk to his spirit. The three girls gathered some candles and some items that belonged to the late grandfather: his watch, his cigar case, and his photograph. The girls held hands and started the seance. Suddenly, the candles began to flicker and the hands on the watch began to spin. Clara was sure it was her grandpa! Elated, she began to talk to him and ask him questions, when all of a sudden one of the candles flew, as if by some invisible force, and almost hit her head. “Grandpa would never do that,” she said, shaking. She was right. It wasn’t her grandpa—not at all. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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