16 Apps Like Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC

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Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC is an amazing application used by millions of users from all over the world to detect the paranormal activities. Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC is developed by Spud Pickles, which allows you to measure and monitor paranormal activities by making a number of readings on your device. It is quite a different tool which sets itself apart from some traditional paranormal equipment which can be fooled when the mundane bursts of normal energy take place. Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC precisely enables its users to analyses the readings and get indication only when the interesting patterns in the reading have been made. You can precisely get all the useful information about the paranormal activities that you encounter. It also includes a voice as well which precisely let you know when interesting words can be detected. This is the classic version of the original Ghost Radar application with ordinary features. This version of ghost radar application has an attractive number of users which enjoy precise paranormal activities detection. Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC is easily be installed, and users can enjoy this app fully without any subscription or other embedded charges.

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1. Paranormal EMF Recorder

 Android iOS

Paranormal EMF Recorder is a widely used application introduced by Exelerus Apps developed for people with interest in the paranormal investigation and research. Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner brings an efficient Paranormal EMF Recorder with an easy to use electromagnetic field detection as well as monitoring. It brings real measurement…


Apps Like Paranormal EMF Recorder

2. EVP Recorder


EVP Recorder is one of the most advanced EVP recorders that can be downloaded from the store for free. There are almost more than 600,000 downloads of this superb EVP recording application since its release in 2014. EVP Recorder is an intuitive application introduce by AppyDroid which brings a number…



Apps Like EVP Recorder

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