18 Real-Life Ghost Encounters That’ll Scare The Sweet Heck Out Of You

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about a personal paranormal experience that transformed them from a supernatural skeptic to a true believer. Here are the most terrifying responses:

1. The plus one.

I was 13, home alone with a friend who was visiting from out-of-state. She told me about an “imaginary friend” she had and how she would use a Ouija board to speak to it. I told her it was fake, but she insisted that she prove it to me. She took out her Ouija board and asked the entity if it could give us a sign. The board spelled out “L-O-O-K-A-T-T-H-E-W-I-N-D-O-W.” When we looked up, three birds crashed into my bedroom window all at once. Let’s just say she and her “friend” weren’t invited back to my house.

2. The reunion.

My childhood best friend and I got into a huge fight and lost contact. When I turned twenty, I had a dream that she walked up to me, arms outstretched, and said “I miss you, I’m sorry.” The next day, I was home with my then-boyfriend and we heard a knock at the door. There my old friend stood, arms outstretched, and the first thing she said was “I miss you, I’m sorry.” I just hugged her without a word and all was forgiven. The next week my boyfriend left me for another girl, and that friend was the only reason I got through it.

I believe the universe gave me what I needed.


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