19 Creepy Places In Australia That’ll Scare You Shitless

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Haunted or not, you definitely don’t want to visit these places alone.

1. Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee, NSW.

The history: Known as “Australia’s most haunted house”, the Monte Cristo homestead has had a macabre history that includes murder, torture, and suicide. In more recent times, a caretaker was shot dead in 1961 by a youth who claimed to be influenced by Psycho.

Now: The Ryans, who purchased the homestead in the 1960s, are the current owners of Monte Cristo. Guests who have visited the home have reported seeing strange lights, feeling ghostly presences, and catching glimpses of the former lady of the house, Elizabeth Crawley.

2. Princess Theatre in Melbourne, Vic.

The history: Melbourne’s Princess Theatre has been host to many fine performers over the years, but the most famous performance of all belongs to its ghost, Federici. While performing his final scene as Mephistopheles in Gounod’s opera Faust, Federici suffered a heart attack as he was being lowered through the theatre’s trap door. He died 40 minutes later in the green room… which was a shock to his cast members who had all reported seeing him onstage, taking his bows with the rest of the cast.

Now: In the years that followed actors, stagehands, and patrons have reported various sightings of Federici. It’s now even considered a good luck omen if his ghost appears inside the theatre on opening night.

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