7 People Talk About The Time They Met A Ghost And It Is Enough To Keep You Up All Night

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Some of us believe in ghosts and some don’t. However, people who have had paranormal experiences will tell you how real it can all be.

You may not have met a ghost till now but these people on Reddit have. They wrote about their experiences and honestly, this is going to keep you up all night:

1.  “This happened one day while I was walking to the bus stop. I live next to a large park (my backyard is apart of it) and the road I walk on runs parallel to it. I carry on walking minding my own business when I hear footsteps just in the tree line. This isn’t abnormal as there are obviously animals but these footsteps had something else about them, something very human. I stopped and looked into the bush. Nothing there. As I stand there clueless the footsteps stop and about 5 seconds later I felt a massive force to my side and was pushed over, only just managing to stop myself falling to the road. I stood there for a second and then I ran all the way to the bus stop. There was no way someone pushed me as the area was deserted and I would have noticed someone.”

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