7 Products From Your Fave Celebrities’ Makeup Pouches

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Love them or love them (hey, we don’t call it fave for nothing), there’s no denying that celebrities know a thing or twenty about skincare and makeup. After hours of watching the top makeup gurus work their magic on their faces, these celebrities have definitely learned from the best. And we want in! Hence, we’ve done the next best thing to being a fly on their walls and curated the products they have been spotted using.

Disclaimer: Some of these have been CSI-ed out due to Korean broadcasting laws so we included an Accuracy Probability based on the level of blurring and how certain we are. With that said, enjoy!

Santa Maria Novella Idralia Cream

Forget that 10-step routine! When your skin looks as good as Kim Ji Won’s does on five products, who needs all that? On an episode of “Get It Beauty,” the “Fight My Way” star admitted that she does not actually have a make-up pouch and brought the items on her dressing table instead. On certain days, she switches out her ampoule for Santa Maria Novella’s Idralia Cream, a moisturizing and protective day cream with a light rose scent. Kim Ji Won’s beauty routine is so simple and effective; we think we fell for her just a little harder!

Accuracy Probability: 99 percent

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