8 Most Haunted Indian Places that Become Real Ghost Tales

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India is crammed with ghostly places, which rather fit that group that entails genuine ghost tales that are frightening and puzzling at their best. All these places with their ghost tales may or may not be true however when the residents consistently advise you against staying back after the event, you cannot assist but make an audible gulp.

We are showcasing you about 8 of such haunted Indian places, which must be visited by any person who wishes for a little spook in their lives.

1. Bhangarh Fort in Alwar, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort in Ajabgarh of Alwar region in the state of Rajasthan is the most troubled place in the country. Sanctioned by ASI, and with the manifold signals raised by the Archaelogical Society of India cautioning visitors not to stay in the area past sunset, are proof sufficient for its haunting.

2, Dow Hill Girls’ School at Kurseong in Darjeeling, Assam

The Dow Hill Girls’School and Victoria Boys’ School, both in Darjeeling, are said to be awfully ghosted. The residents have even witnessed a boy without head close to the premises.

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