8 Suspected Illegal Aliens Smuggled in Horse Trailer Caught After Trailer Careens Off California Road

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A horse trailer carrying at least 18 suspected illegal aliens fishtailed from behind the truck hauling it and careened off the I-8 in east San Diego County, California on Saturday.

The horse trailer, which was being hauled by an F-150 truck, was seen fishtailing just before noon, losing control and then leaving the roadway, California Highway Patrol (CHP) told the San Diego Union-Tribune. The trailer ripped from the truck and tipped over. Those packed inside the trailer scattered from the scene.

CHP, Border Patrol and CalFire responded to the scene, where 18-19 individuals were found in the surrounding area. CalFire established triage to assess those they could on the scene, CalFire’s Kurt Zingheim told local Fox5 News.

Six of those found were taken to local hospitals according to Fox5, two by helicopter and four by ambulance. At least one suffered a gash to the head. CHP told reporters that the injuries were not life-threatening. Border Patrol took into custody those not taken to a hospital. paranormal,paranormal,paranormal

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